Meet Luke

Feb 11, 2017

We have a very unique opportunity to get to know and follow one brave little Friends of Karen child and his family. Luke just turned 5 years old in December and is currently in Pre-K. His mom, Nicole, is a teacher, his dad, John, works in sales, and he has a little sister, Grace, who is just a year and a half old. Luke and his family live in Rockland County, NY. They are a happy, unremarkable family, but for one thing… Luke is about to go through a bone marrow transplant (the 2nd in his short life).

Day 49 - Home

Apr 26, 2017

Everything could change in the blink of an eye. Two days ago we were racing to the hospital in a panic. Today we are leaving the hospital and dancing in the parking lot over the unimaginable news that we just heard. Tonight we will be sleeping in our own beds in our own house as a family...We are going home! 

Days 43-48

Apr 24, 2017

I remember how many times we did this when he was a baby. Take his temperature...another fever...grab a bag...race out the door. Which hospital do we go to?...Do we chance trying to make it to Philadelphia!? We were in and out of so many hospitals so many times...the feeling tonight just brings back so many horrible memories. 

Encouragement from Friends of Karen

Apr 21, 2017

Thank you for the gifts! Friends of Karen always brings a smile to Luke’s face...the puzzles for Luke, my mom and Grace are a beautiful reminder of our family before we left. We all couldn't have been more touched. xo

Days 38-42

Apr 19, 2017

I am not quite sure what happened over the last few days since discharge. The day itself was a dream come true. We waited anxiously for that day to arrive. The irony is when the moment happened there were so many emotions in line. Extreme excitement and happiness certainly being the front runners...with a bit of fear and sadness thrown into the mix. The nurses had started to feel like family, 3 East felt like our home and the fear of being totally responsible for Luke's safety and health was surfacing.