Covid-19 Resources
Find a comfortable seat or lie down. Let your shoulders relax. Notice if your hands are in fists or toes curled- allow them to uncurl.  Wiggle your fingers and toes. Stretch your arms and legs. Find what feels good. When you are comfortable let your eyes close, let the space between your brows soften. 
Take a deep, belly breath in through your nose. Imagine you are smelling a beautiful flower and as you breathe out imagine you are blowing out the candles on a birthday cake.  What kind of flower? What kind of cake is it? Breathe in the flowers and breathe out..blowing out the candles. Breathe in and out…. In and out. In and out.
As you are breathing in and out, imagine any worries you have in your head...melting down your head...down your neck...shoulders…..down your arms...your hands ...and then imagine those worries flowing out your fingertips as you take big belly breaths in and out.
Continue to breathe in and out. Let your mind paint a picture. Imagine a place where you feel safe and happy. What do you see around you? …...What does it look like? …...How do you feel? ….What colors do you see?.... What do you hear? ….Smell? 
Stay in that safe, happy place ..breathing in and out…. In and out… In and out.
As you lie/sit here enjoying this moment of relaxation, start to remember some wonderful things that you have in your life.
There have been many moments that have made you happy; many moments that have made you smile and grateful. Let yourself smile. Let yourself imagine the happy moments yet to come. Breathe in and out and out.. When you feel ready, allow your eyes to slowly open...keep with you the feelings you had while imagining your safe and happy place.