April 10th marks National Siblings Day- many people will share photos of loved ones on social media and reflect and reminisce about the very special bond of support, friendship and love shared between siblings.

At Friends of Karen the sibling relationship is one especially close to our hearts. Friends of Karen Sibling Support Specialists are dedicated Child Life Specialists and Art Therapists who provide emotional support and illness education to the ill child and their siblings. While working with the Friends of Karen children, we see firsthand the layered, multifaceted connection. We see fierce loyalty and protectiveness. We see the compassion, jealousy, the inside jokes and teasing, the joy and giggles.

We also see how intensely the siblings are affected by the illness of their brother or sister. The diagnosis of a life threatening disease can send shockwaves throughout the family. Despite the very best efforts of their parents, so much focus and attention is paid to the ill children that often the siblings feel ignored, not special, unimportant and unseen.

These children endure so much for those so young, yet they are forever inspiring us with their capacity for love. Today we honor the Friends of Karen siblings, the unsung heroes. You are loved…You are special…We see you.

We see you, Jack- a loving older brother who is always creative and making us smile.

We see you, Caoimhe, and all your hard work and imagination that you put into raising money for children with cancer.

We see you, Ellyot, for always wearing your mask to help protect Ty and his extra sensitive immune system.

We see Marlee Grace and Julie, for keeping your brother Johnny on his toes with your awesome dance moves and for filling your house with your beautiful art.

We see you, Ava- equal parts sweet and sassy- sharing so much love with your big sister.

We see you, Philip and your friendly personality and impressive gaming skills.

We see you, Jennifer- working so hard at school to ensure a bright, successful future.

We see you, Nyssa- painting, playing and listening to Beyonce side by side with Regina, making sure she knows she is never alone.

We see you, Nadine- the beautiful Little Miss Daffodil.

We see you, Philip and your friendly personality and impressive gaming skills.

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